The project will be based on cartoon 3D environments representing selected cultural routes, one in each country. In these environments, with the help of different math puzzles the students will be able to interact with the 3D objects solving these puzzles and getting points, rewards and badges. The innovation of the 3D games is that those will be available on web browsers (WebGL) and tablets, and that the puzzles will be dynamically updated by the teachers through their web browser or tablet. Teachers will be able to select the mini-games they want, customize and translate the content, add narration, select the rewards and set up a personalized training path for each trainee.


The main objectives of the project are:
  • To develop a framework for introducing new technologies and game-based learning to the schools.
  • To combine culture and math training in an interdisciplinary game-based tool.
  • To develop an initial set of scenarios covering math material of the first 3 grades of the primary school.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the scenarios (using 3D game mechanics), deeper learning and the engagement of the students.
  • To offer an authoring tool for the teachers to modify existing and create more scenarios.
  • To offer for free mobile versions of the scenarios for Android Devices.
  • To disseminate the project and its result to as a broader group of stakeholders as possible and to communicate the project and its achievements to decision maker


Expected Results:


A game-based platform for the development of basic mathematics skills, build on a sound methodology


An initial community of teachers trained is using the platform but also able to justify its added value to other teachers and parents


An evaluation report measuring improvement in mathematical skills of the participating students compared to those not involved in the project (control groups)



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